Open Platform for Protection against Phishing

ThreatChase is a project funded by the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 101128042 and supported by the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre.


The vision of the ThreatChase project is to improve cybersecurity capabilities and raise the level of cyber security across the EU with a platform providing protection against phishing. We consider that uptake of cybersecurity solutions greatly depends on the data about malicious activities, its accurate analysis, and on providing an open platform for cybersecurity solution adopters. The proposed innovative platform will contribute to improved cybersecurity preparedness by offering two services: i) the service of structured data on malicious URLs and domain names used in phishing and ii) the service for phishing mitigation and notification of credentials (email addresses and passwords) stolen for instance as a result of phishing that have appeared in data leaks.

Coordinator Contact Details

Coordinating partner: KOR Labs


Project Website: ThreatChase

List of Participants


KOR Labs SAS is a university spin-off dedicated to combating cyber threats, helping the Internet community collectively increase barriers to abuse as well as companies to increase the effectiveness of their network protection and countermeasures. The team comprises security researchers with a strong
academic track record and world-class expertise in cyber security and Internet technologies. The main focus of KOR Labs activities is on domain name and Domain Name System (DNS) abuse. The founders of KOR Labs are Prof. Maciej Korczyński and Prof. Andrzej Duda.


ORANGE Polska SA is a leader on the Polish market of fixed telephony, Internet, and data transmission. As the only operator, it offers comprehensive telecommunications solutions available throughout the country. Cybersecurity is one of key areas continuously developed in OPL. OPL CERT has already been operating for 25 years and it provides cybersecurity services to a wide range of customers protecting them against identified modern cyberthreats (DDoS, malware, phishing, applications vulnerabilities).


PDMFC SA is a company from Portugal, with a strong focus on the area of Information Security, having developed software that help dozens of large customers (including Governments) to detect fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, among many other things. It provides the Identity and Access Management framework (called SPA) that includes Real Time Risk Assessment, Segregation of Duties,
Cryptographic fingerprinting of operations. PDMFC has experience in the Information Security-related area, manages several CSIRTs at national level (consultancy work), and develop Identity and Access Management Intelligence tools.


NovaForensic (legal name: StabilityBubble Lda) is a start-up from Portugal, founded by a former Law Enforcement Agency crime investigator with a focus on the development of tools for Digital Forensics. Its tools are used by all LEA in Portugal to obtain relevant digital evidence for the crime under investigation. The NovaForensic objective is the evolution of digital forensic expertise through the adoption of the Forensic as a Service (FaaS) paradigm, which consists of the provision of forensic software in cloud computing enhanced by an artificial intelligence federated learning system.

Project Results

The ThreatChase project will contribute in several ways to support the adoption of innovative cybersecurity solutions, provide tools and services to organisations, and improve the security of ICT solutions.

  1. Support the adoption of market-ready innovative cybersecurity solutions: By developing the platform for protection against phishing, the project will support the development and deployment of an innovative cybersecurity solution for protection against phishing.
  2. Provide and deploy up-to-date tools and services to organizations: The funding will provide the resources necessary to develop and deploy up-to-date tools and services to organizations, particularly SMEs. These tools and services will help organizations prepare, protect, and respond to cybersecurity threats. This will improve their ability to manage and mitigate cybersecurity risks and protect their critical assets.
  3. Improve the security of ICT solutions: The funding will provide the necessary resources to support the development of more secure ICT solutions, including open source. This will help to ensure that organizations are better equipped to protect their critical assets against cyber threats. Additionally, the funding will support the development of security protocols and best practices that will improve the overall security of ICT solutions.